Wednesday, January 17, 2018

... Chapter 6 ...

"Sweets wake up!" my mother usually never wakes me up on weekends. "Breaking news Honey." I sat up not knowing what I was about to learn. "Apparently, according to The small Writing Association, Ellie Helen was very badly injured. A surgery will be held in Aguast. They are not sure if she will make it to your interview." 
"I haven't even decided who I am going to interview yet, mom. I'm struggling though. Kenzie's awesome Gracie Winters is awesome Georgia Jake is amazing and Arron Baker is interesting. His books are really awesome. I just can't decide."
"Well I wont decide for you Devin. I bet you would have a great time with any of them."
But I knew her words were not true. If I picked the wrong one I wouldn't have a good time. I can't win twice in a row and this would be the only chance to meet with one of my favorite authors. I would never forgive myself if I picked the wrong one. 

It was already January 10th. I was getting really close to my deadline. So, I decided to do a little digging to find more about My remaining 4 authors.
By the end I crossed Gracie off the list. Then I made one very important wish.

Please be the right one
Whoever you are

Monday, January 15, 2018

... Chapter 5 ...

At 9:45 I finally decided that I have read enough books. My eyes were falling drearily and my arms didn't want to grip Arron's book anymore.
All I found throughout the book was that Ellie Helen was the main character(Norra's)neighbor. She would stare through Ellie Helen's window at her bulletin board filled with pictures of girls hand in hand arms on each other smiling. She wished her wall could be like that. But it wasn't the pictures she longed for she wanted more than anything to be friends with Ellie. 
But this sounded like a fictional book. Why would he write about a real person with a fake main character? Arron sounded interesting. Before I fell asleep I added Arron to the list. Next I crossed off Emily Carson writer of "Why am I Reading This?" 
Then I whispered, "This needs to be the best moment of my life, Devin, choose correctly." Then I drifted off to sleep. Not ready for what I would find out tomorrow.
... Chapter 4 ...

I finished "Me and my Folks" as long as it took to find out about it. It was the same with "A Lost Party" but, I finished it even faster. I took a break and then started the next one. By the end of the night I only had two books left to read. The other books were amazing. But they were all sad. Each character longs for a friend. Sometimes they already have one but then they loose it.

The two I had left were a "Tale of Truth" and "Ellie Helen my Imaginary Friend". 

I stared at the cover of "Ellie Helen my Imaginary Friend" The name seemed familiar. Then it hit me....
Dear Junior Writers,
As you know Kiki Micks is not part of the deal anyomore
As you also know Arron Baker will be taking her place
Arron Baker and his friend Ellie Helen will be joining our program tonight
(If you choose these authors you will get to meet both or the individuals)
Send your author choose in before March 15th, 2015
Thank you for your consideration
The small Writing Association
Ellie Helen was to accompany Arron Baker for the writing program. But if she was not real how would someone meet her? I figured the only way to find out was to read the book.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

... Chapter 3 ...

I was on my  laptop looking up Arron Baker when suddenly my phone lit up once again.
Dear Junior Writers,
As you know Kiki Micks is not part of the deal anyomore
As you also know Arron Baker will be taking her place
Arron Baker and his friend Ellie Helen will be joining our program tonight
(If you choose these authors you will get to meet both or the individuals)
Send your author choose in before March 15th, 2015
Thank you for your consideration
The small Writing Association

Once I finished reading the message I decided I wanted to send in my choose early so no one else got eliminated.
My deadline would be January 15th exactly 2 months from the actual deadline.
I knew research would take a bit long, so I got back to reading. As it says, Arron Baker is the author of When I Was a Girl, Me and Her, Mother and I, A Lost Party, Doesn't it Feel Grey?, Miss Mandy is My Best Friend, Ellie Helen my Imaginary Friend, When I was Loved, Me and My Folks,and a Tale of Truth.
How have I not read any of these books? I have read encyclopedias and dictionary's but never any of these 10 books. 
Well great now I have to read 10 books before January 15th. That's not going to be hard at all!

...Chapter 2...

I stared down at the card. I studied each author's face. Kenzie Tyson, J.J Scotts,Gracie Winters, Miles Duke, A. Art, Molly Jake, C.C, Matty Pat, Emily Carson, and last Kiki Micks.
I quickly scrambled around looking for a piece of paper. Once I found a piece I wrote down all the names.

Kenzie Tyson 
J.J Scotts
Gracie Winters
Miles Duke
A. Art
Georgia Jake
C.C Jackson
Matty Pat
Emily Carson
Kiki Micks

I noticed that I did not want to spend a day with a boy author. None of them were actually my favorite. The problem was the girls on the card were my all time favorites! And there were 6 to choose from! Finally I decided I would not be taking selfies with A. Art. I slowly crossed her off the list. There was no way I was crossing anyone else off the list. But I had to.
I stared at the list for a few more seconds and decided I really wanted to meet Kiki Micks. She was the author of When the Days are Dry. My favorite book, almost ever!

But, I was shocked a second later when my phone buzzed. I couldn't believe what it said.
Dear Junior Writer's
I am disappointed to tell you
 that Kiki Micks is not part of our program anymore
Arron Baker will take her place.
Thank you Arron Baker
Junior Writers thank you for understanding
The small Writing Association

I sighed, then crossed Kiki off the list. I didn't even know who Arron Baker is. I'll make sure to look him up.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

...Chapter 1...

The mail finally came today. And to my surprise there was a letter for me!!! I gently unwrapped the small envelope.Before I could reach my hand in, something fell out.Double surprise!It was a perfectly flat $100 dollar bill! This must mean....
I started jumping up and down. I knew this was not a dream it was real because I was staring down at a real $100 dollar bill and a real invitation for a lunch with my real favorite author. 
Finally I stopped jumping up and down and picked out the letter. 
It reads:
Dear Devin Delling,
 Your outstanding submitted essay has won the Junior Writing Contest of 2017.
Along with your $100 you have won a free pass to meet with a famous author.
You will soon receive a card with all of the authors you can pick from.
But choose quickly and carefully because your card expires on Jan 1, 2018
at 12:00 pm.
Thank you for a wonderful piece of hard work

America's Small Writing Association.
Behind the letter was a small blank card. It reads:

By the way, 3 plane tickets are included

I flipped the small card over and spotted 10 of my favorite authors.
Now I have a question. Which one?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


 Hobbies Are Something Very Special
 They are what you love. And you do them because you like them it doesn't matter if you good at it, it only matters that you like it.
  Some of mine are photography, art, writing, reading, and adventuring. I love these because they inspire me.They make me feel happy. I can have fun by doing what I love. And lastly, I can get better at these things.
 Here is a list of interesting hobbies that are common.
 (Not including the ones I listed earlier)
Some are:
I would like to invite you to find your hobbies.
See what you enjoy. Maybe it is one I have already listed. Maybe it is something totally different. But, remember these are your hobbies. Nobody can say otherwise.
Tell me what your hobbies are and maybe we will have some in common. You never know.