Saturday, September 24, 2016


Maggie and meeeeeee
Did you think this picture was of me and Gracie because of the title.
Yes I guessed you didn't but this is Maggie my all time FAVORITE sis. And no we did not adopt her. 
She spend all her time with me. So yeah sisters forever. 
{and now Maggie will speak} 
Hello my evil friends. Today I will tell you how to make peanut butter chocolate bars.
You mix honey peanut butter and chocolate and add any toppings and freeze it until you feel it is done. So I shall now say goodbye to my 
evil servants.
{Alli speaking}
So she practically lives with me. She's in my blood, and I'm in hers.


  1. hello its me I am Maggie
    from the other side you see

    hello from the other side
    i must have wrote a thousand words #sis

    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm going to post my newest painting soon. EEEEEEKKKK!