Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding day.

A few days ago my ant Kate got married to a guy named Carl. It was a great day. everyone had playing, dancing, and eating pizza. They got married in the Mt. Oquirrh temple.
 After the reception we had a dance party. Gracie and I thought that we should learn part of the Nopoleon Dinamite dance. And at the dance party the music to the dance came on and Gracie and I did the dance in front in front of everybody. It was a great day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

hair day

Guess what today I got my haircut. I couldn't find a picture to compare what my hair looked like before but all I know is that It looks good. I like to cut it every summer. And I like it that way!


On the 4th of July My family and the Kings family met up and went to see the fireworks. At first it was boring but then it looked more cool and cooler and cooler It was about 10:05 when we got home I was still wide awake but I went to bed anyway. It was really cool!


molly stuffing a strawberry in her mouth. 
 On Friday all the kids including Molly got to go strawberry picking at oakridge farms.
We each got a partner to pick with Scotty was my partner. It was fun picking with Scotty he was a big help. I'm sorry to say but little Mollsyberry was trying to eat all the strawberries that we picked. After we were done we got to make yummy jam. We actually got 17 pounds of strawberries. And Mollsy ate most of the strawberries. But we got 2 or 3 containers.